Induction cooking is quickly becoming a popular form of cooking amongst home owners, chefs and even celebrity chefs for many reasons. Induction is a completely new way to apply heat to cookware that the conventional gas or electrical ranges.

There are many advantages as well as disadvantages of this method of cooking and there is a lot to talk about it. That is why on this website you’ll find several sections that try to explain a lot about what induction is all about and how it can save you energy bills or gas bills. Many people are still not convinced that induction cooking can give you better or even same results as compared to cooking on a real fire created with a gas stove. Many chefs prefer the visual presence of fire for cooking as it gives them a correct measure about how much heat is to be applied to the recipe or the pot/cookware in which they are cooking.

In induction the actual flame is not visible but still the cookware gets heated using a technology called as induction. This very technique is a completely new and faster way to apply heat to the cooktops which in turn gets transferred to the cooking pot.

One big difference between normal cooking and induction cooking is that your cooktops must have a content of iron in them so that heat can be applied to them. Non ferrous metals cannot be heated using induction technology and becomes useless for induction cooking. That is why many people when start using induction cooking as their primary source of making meals shift buy new utensils or pots just for cooking purposes and are happy to do so because it’s just a onetime investment to save for a lifetime.

If you want to shift to gas or electric cooking to induction cooking then feel free to read this entire blog for great information about what is induction cooking and how it works.