Induction cooktops or cooking work exactly like gas or electric cooking ranges, except the mode of generating heat is different as compared to conventional cooktops or hobs.

In induction cooktops you do not see flame or a red hot heated coil, in fact you see nothing at all, yet you get a superfast and efficient means to heat up the cooking pots or vessels.

Most induction cooktops come in sleek design with touchpad control panels as compared to ugly looking gas stoves with knobs. In induction cooktops you can do all the following things.

1) Temperature controls using degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit

2) Step by step temperature controls with 1-10 number ranges.

3) Pick wattage in incremental order

4) Set timer for auto shut down if you forget to

5) Lock you selection of settings

6) Auto shut down after 60 seconds if induction pot or pan is not detected on top surface While cooking all you have to do is place the induction pan or vessel on top surface, turn on the induction hob and select the desired heat level using any one the following.

1) Step by step control which normal ranges from 1-10

2) Select temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Once you do that you start putting all the ingredients together depending upon yur recipe and start cooking.

You can set timer in increment of minutes and relax. The internal software of the induction cooker takes care of the exact temperature and timer settings and give your vessel the exact required heat to cook your food.

For most people who make a shift from conventional gas cooking or electric range cooking, induction can take a few days to really understand the levels of heat every setting transfers to the vessel. But once you get a hang of it, induction cooking feels much better and safer as compared to gas cooking.