Induction Cooktop Reviews

If you have decided to buy an induction cooktop, then reading reviews, customer feedback and ratings from real customers must be your first priority. By reading real reviews you’ll be in a much better position to relate to what you have been thinking about a particular brand of stoves or a particular model you have already finalized. Who knows, by reading review you’ll be in a better position to second guess your choice or even finalize your chosen cooktop.

By reading real customer reviews of induction hobs you can find out many amazing things such as

1) Does the stove you have chosen really perform the way manufacturer has advertised?

2) What are typical problems associated (if any)?

3) How easy or difficult is it to use?

4) Are there certain types of recipes you can’t cook on your chosen hob?

5) Does it consume too much electricity?

6) Is it too noisy when turned to full power?

7) How good or bad is the customer care/technical support from the manufacturer if anything goes wrong with it?

8) Comparison between your chosen model vs any other model of the same manufacturer or other cooktop from other company. Comparing models can even make you change your decision.

Thus reading real review is a great way to educate yourself about certain pitfalls or hidden features you are not aware of right now. Educating yourself is your right and done the right way can save your money in the long run.

Which is the best Induction cooktop in the market today?

Reading reviews has got another great advantage for you as a customer. Once you start reading or looking for review you’ll come to know several other brands that are popular but are not advertised in the conventional media such as newspapers, Television ads, magazines and radio.

Many brands that exist are popular just because of their amazing product quality and very rarely advertise their products. By visiting online shopping portals such as you’ll be able to look at several brands of cookers all at one place and even make comparisons based on

1) Price
2) Features
3) Number of burners
4) Wattage

All these things are necessary that will finally decide the performance of your induction cooker.

Another very important thing to look for when you read real reviews is to look at ratings provided by users. Most online portals allow the consumers to rate the product in the form of start rating system. On this rating is out of 5 points and is clearly displayed on the product detail page.

Let us say that a particular induction stove has a “star rating of 4” and customer reviews 10, then you can fairly come to conclusion that this brand performs well and has managed to gain good reputation amongst consumers.

On the other hand if you notice another induction cooker model of another brand with hundreds of reviews but only 2.5 start rating out of 5, then you c an fairly assume that this product lacks the efficiency and features as compared to the first one.

While reading reviews, don’t go by “large number of reviews” but also have a closer look at the “star rating” to decide. When people buy at online malls like very few people actually go online and write a review. So ideally speaking, when you see a product with hundreds of review and at the same time good star rating you can be assured that it’s a god product to consider.

However you must also take the time to read as many reviews as possible before you invest large amount of money. Most induction cooktops have a price tag from as low as $75 that go up tp $1000 plus for cooking ranges with multiple burners. If you want to invest in a induction range with multiple burners then reading real customer reviews is a must.

Induction is a new technology and it is advised that you even go to a local store and if possible have a real life demonstration of how the induction hob or range really works. By doing so you’ll get a fairly good idea of how it is different than the conventional gas stoves that you have been using for a long time for cooking. To read more about the difference in gas and induction cooking systems visit this page on “Gas Vs Induction

There are certainly many differences between a gas range and an induction range in a way the heat is applied to cookware and by educating yourself about the new technology you’ll save yourself from lots of troubles.

Which Are the Popular Brands Of Induction Cooktops?

Some of the most popular brands are as follows

  • GE
  • Viking
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Maytag
  • Whirlpool
  • Miele
  • Max Burton
  • Waring
  • Thermador
  • Bluestar
  • Diva
  • Kenmore
  • Bosch
  • Electrolux
  • Cooktek (Mostly forcommercial use)
  • De Dietrich (UK)
  • AEG (Uk Based and has zonefree models)
  • Brandt
  • Gaggenau
  • Wolf

For tabletop induction cooktops some popular brands are

  • Duxtop
  • Ivation
  • Ovente
  • Nuwave
  • Rosewill
  • KitchenPRO
  • Inducto
  • Secura
  • Gourmia
  • Chefman
  • Aroma
  • Imusa
  • Athena
  • Max Burton
  • Fagor

With so many choices to go for you must read reviews and then go about finalizing your induction cooktop or range. You can read real reviews and ratings at this induction cooktops at page.