Induction is becoming popular amongst homeowners and even professional chefs, for a variety of reasons and of all the reasons the main being they are much safer to work with as compared to traditional gas or electric cooking ranges. People who have used it for years, claim that induction is safer, efficient, cleaner, faster and cost saving technology.

Is induction cooking safe?

As mentioned in the article about “what is induction cooktop?” it is clear that induction ranges do not have any hot surface or even flames protruding out from their surface.

In fact even when an induction hob is working with full power the top glass surface becomes cool, so that you can touch it. This happens because in induction technology non-visible electromagnetism is playing it’s magic in heating up just the vessels and not the actual cooking surface. This makes induction much safer as compared to gas or electric range cooking.

If you have kids playing around in your house then you’ll be more than ready to accept this simple fact that induction stove is much safer than gar or electric ranges. It’s even safe if you have a naughty cat jumping on the kitchen platform for fun.

Why is induction cooking better or best?

Induction is a new technology being used in home appliances like cooking ranges. With induction you have more precision when it comes to applying heat to utensils while cooking.

Also with most induction cooktops, there are some amazing built-in features like timer settings, auto-shut-off options and many more. This makes cooking with induction the best choice. To learn more about induction and why it is better read this article about gas vs induction

In spite of this fact why is induction cooking not popular?

It’s true that induction cooking has not picked up rapidly by homeowners (yet) and there could be many reasons for this.

1) Many people like the way “flames” are visible in a gas range. When you turn the knobs of the range the flame increases or reduces giving you exact idea of how much heat you can expect. Because of this visual attachment many people are not yet ready to make a shift from gas to induction.

In case of an induction stove many people are simply not ready to “assume” that heat is being applied to the vessel on top when it’s not visible in the form of a flame or a red hot heating element like in an electric range. People love the feel of the old knobs that can be turned to control the heat.

In fact induction cooking hobs are much more precise when it comes to controlling heat that is being applied to the pots or pans, but for some people it’s really difficult to break old habits and embrace new technology.

2) Another factor for induction not being popular is it strictly runs on electricity. In areas where there are frequent power outages, induction cannot be used. That is why many people prefer only gas or at least a combination of induction and gas.

Another important factor while shifting from gas to induction is upgrading your current electrical connection that can carry the load of an induction stove, which can be expensive in some areas.

3) Budget is another factor for not going with induction and the cost of an induction cooking range can go up to $1000 and more plus the added cost of electricity.

4) One more reason why induction cookers are not popular because they are not so aggressively advertised as conventional cooking ranges.